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VC Business is People Business

Only a good team makes an idea a success To have the right idea at the right time is a major factor deciding if a start-up is successful but on the long run it’s the team deciding whether the success lasts or not. Especially in the expansion phase a...

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Leadership Styles in the Digital Age

In the era of ​​digital advancement, significant tension appears to have escalated between data driven KPIs, and feel-good management, with flexible working models, and new professional values. This brings up the question: How can these highly complex concepts and...

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Everybody knows somebody

As Talent Tree grows, and so are our success. We cannot solely take the credit for that.  It is fair to say that we also get many tips and recommendations about candidates and customers from many people. Talent Tree would like to thank you!...

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Digital Climate Champions

In recent years, the big players in the digital world have gotten plenty of attention for their efforts to make the world a better place. But it’s not only the titans of the tech sphere that make a difference. Many start-ups and grown-ups are making strides that could change the world, and since founding Talent Tree at the beginning of 2015, we’ve had the pleasure of working with passionate entrepreneurs who share our vision. Together with our clients, here in Germany and all over the world, we’re striving to match some of the most innovative startups in clean tech with the talent to help them achieve their dreams.

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