DevOps Engineer (Definition)

What are the tasks of a DevOps engineer?

The DevOps engineer is involved in all aspects of application development, deployment and operation. His responsibilities include the development, ongoing development and administration of a scalable and highly available web infrastructure. In addition, he supports his development team in all infrastructure-relevant matters and is responsible for the development and operation of monitoring systems at infrastructure and application level.

Requirements for a DevOps engineer

A DevOps engineer should have knowledge of the current web server of the respective company. He should be experienced in working with Windows and Linux operating systems. Experience and knowledge of databases as well as an experienced use of script languages is a prerequisite. He also has relevant know-how in software development. Experience in IT, teamwork, strong communication skills and openness to new technologies are desirable. A successfully completed degree with a focus on computer science or a comparable education will complete his profile.

Junior DevOps Engineer
Senior DevOps Engineer