Feel Good Manager (Definition)

What are the tasks of a Feel Good Manager?

A Feel Good Manager is responsible for emotional support within the company. He takes care of the well-being of the employees and forms the interface between employee and employer. He is responsible for planning company events or Christmas parties. Often there are also special consultation hours in which the Feel Good Manager is available in a separate room for discussions about personal problems of the employees. Concrete suggestions for the enterprise and work improvements are likewise worked on by it and converted in consultation with the management. He is also responsible for administrative matters such as the administration of medical records or holiday planning.

Requirements for a Feel Good Manager

The requirements for a Feel Good Manager are similar to those of an HR Manager. Above all, this includes respectful and sensitive interaction with people, creativity, organisational talent and the ability to keep secrets to oneself. Accordingly, a degree in psychology, sociology or business administration with a focus on human resources makes sense. An internship in personnel development is an advantage for the job as Feel Good Manager.