Front End Developer (Definition)

What are the tasks of a front end developer?

The front end developer is responsible for the realization of the websites, works together with designers, back end developers and product owners, can participate in the concept stage and is also responsible for cost estimates in the front end area. The projects are planned and implemented according to agile methods. A front end developer creates computer components or features that are directly visible to the end user. He is also known as client side developer, front end engineer. A front end developer writes the code for the front end of a website so that it is error-free and corresponds visually exactly to the prescribed design. It ensures that all views, such as the mobile version, are the same.

Requirements for a front end developer

A degree in computer science, business informatics or a comparable education is required. Professional experience in the development of web applications and sound knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript are desirable for a front end developer. A front end developer has basic knowledge of databases and development experience with various browsers. He is service- and customer-oriented.


front end engineer, software engineer, programmer