iOS Developer (Definition)

What are the tasks of an iOS developer?

An iOS developer concertizes, models and implements applications in the iOS environment for various mobile devices. He programs with classical software development methods, tests applications and is responsible for the technical documentation. In addition, an iOS developer creates inspiring user experience. The support of the developed apps over the entire life cycle and their continuous optimization are also part of his tasks. He is constantly adding new, innovative features to existing applications and architectures. He ensures quality and performance through code reviews and crowd testing.

Requirements for an iOS developer

An iOS developer is characterized by a degree in computer science or an equivalent degree. He is experienced with native iOS development and agile methods. An iOS developer is interested in innovative ideas in app development. His approaches are object-oriented and insist on a clean app architecture. He likes to think outside the box and knows what makes a good user experience. He also has an eye for a user-friendly interface. Team spirit, initiative and performance orientation round off his profile.