Sales Manager (Definition)

What tasks does a sales manager have?

A sales manager expands a company’s market position through the targeted acquisition of new customers and projects (so-called “lead generation”) and thus generates new sales. The tasks of a sales manager often overlap with those of an account manager: He takes care of existing customer support – especially of customers he has won himself – and the development of long-term customer relationships. His tasks also include the administration and maintenance of the customer database (e.g. Salesforce), the responsibility for contract negotiations and the planning of budget distribution. He is often the first contact or point of contact a customer has with a company and thus usually forms the spearhead of customer acquisition. In some companies, “sales people” are therefore also involved in product development and/or competition analysis: They know best what the customer wants.

Requirements for a Sales Manager

A Sales Manager should have completed a business degree or comparable commercial training. Ideally, he has already gained experience in the field of marketing / sales. A good sales manager will appear confident on the phone as well as in face-to-face negotiations. His strengths include strong analytical thinking, strong communication skills and enthusiasm as well as a high degree of persuasiveness and determination.

Junior Sales Manager
Senior Sales Manager