SEO Manager (Definition)

What are the tasks of an SEO Manager?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager develops SEO strategies, implements them and controls their performance. He conducts potential analyses and keyword searches with standard SEO tools and develops creative ideas to increase visibility in search engines. The SEO Manager must always be familiar with the current Google guidelines and implements these onpage and offpage. Offpage optimization consciously uses external links to optimize the ranking of the website in the organic search results. Onpage optimization affects all content factors of a homepage such as content, structures and internal links.

Requirements for an SEO Manager

As in many professions in the field of online marketing, there is no classical academic career that explicitly qualifies as an SEO Manager. The background is often a degree in business administration with a focus on marketing, but there are still many career changers from a wide variety of disciplines, such as communication sciences, humanities or linguistics. A relevant vocational training can replace the study. In all cases, professional experience in the field of search engine optimization, as well as good knowledge of SEO tools and search engine relevant web technologies is important. An SEO Manager is enthusiastic about the latest Google guidelines and is generally very online affine.


Search engine optimization manager, SEO specialist, SEO expert