Social Media Manager (Definition)

What are the tasks of a social media manager?

He is mainly concerned with online research in the field of social media. He is constantly on the lookout for new trends and channels. A regular exchange with bloggers, journalists and vloggers is a must. A social media manager conducts campaigns and organizes ads such as Facebook. He then observes, evaluates and analyses them. He also distributes the budget and participates in events. He creates editorial plans and manages them.

Requirements for a social media manager

He should have experience from companies in communication and marketing. He should have a certain affinity to social networks and should also have his own presence there. In this respect, he should already have established channels. A social media manager is creative, open and communicative. He should also be willing to be up to date at all times. He should have Microsoft Office skills and in the best case also Photoshop skills. His talents are shown in organisation and presentation.

Social Media Manager in Trainee
Junior Social Media Manager
Senior Social Media Manager